Sunday, March 29, 2009

VIII. Heathen Skin, Tremble In Silence

The first seed of "Rattle Rattle" was planted yesterday, March 28, 2009.

Sixteen of us gathered in the studio to record the "Black Pig Suite". So much love, goodness and bro-heat, thick enough to cut with Paul Bunyan's bloody axe. My dear friend, I wish you could have been there.

Mixing will occur within the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, all will be done before I leave for NYC. As I may have mentioned before (I can't remember a lot of anything), this Black Pig will serve as a "bocadillo"; a dark and juicy morsel of what is to come. The 4 songs that comprise the Black Pig will be recorded officially for the album later in the year. Yesterday's recording will be incorporated into a luvrly proposal package, which will (hopefully) attract a well-known producer, or that one label that does not believe in hoarding all creative control. Yesterday's Black Pig will not be released to the world. I apologize in advance, my friend.

After the 9-hour recording session, Leah and I came back home and ate a delicious fruit plate. Corwin came by and we all watched "The Holy Mountain". I was exhausted. I dozed off a couple of times (Corwin pointed out how quickly I slipped in and out of consciousness), and then I was alone.

Alone, yet truly grateful for these dark days.



Friday, March 20, 2009

VII. Plastic Only

Last night, there were 10 other people in my living room. A delicious bouquet of percussion, voices, accordions and one bass trombone. We rehearsed the "Black Pig Suite" for the first time. Actually, we got through 2 of the 4 songs in the suite: "Echo Round My Heart" and "The Re-Creator" (the latter is bleeding into another title, I am certain). At next week's rehearsal, we get more horns and more voices. And guitar. And bass. Possibly musical saw. Charles, can you pleeeeeeease bring your saw to next practice? Totes thanks.

Going back to NYC in about 3 weeks. Shit. I need to book my flight. Need to get the info to princessFrank, who wants to fly with me. On a plane. Gotta design posters. Gotta practice accordion. I'm rusty in the bellows, and so is my accordion.

From what I've been hearing, there will be an army of us in NYC: The Blasting Company (3 members), El-Haru Kuroi (3 members), princessFrank, Angel Hernandez, and Eva & Aurelia from Æ. That's 11 of us. I suspect there will be more. And whatever sound we produce collectively will be my doe-eyed bride. We plan on doing venues and streets, a la Killsonic last October. Why fly out to another city, leaving behind job security, to work the streets?

Because, deep down inside, everyone wants to be a hooker.