Tuesday, February 23, 2010

XXIII. Untitled

On February 20, 2010, the beautiful Dino Dinco curated GUTTED, a performance-focused event for Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE). Over 20 artists and 70 collaborators presented work on this evening. I, along with 9 collaborators, presented a 5-hour piece, "Untitled".

For the duration of the piece, I sat on a throne, naked, drinking lots of water and pissing into 8 decorated bottles. Each bottle was then hung up on its corresponding rope, 8 strands dangling from the center of the room. Buckets--lined with pie tins--were then placed under each bottle. It is important to note that 7 beautiful, elegantly-dressed women handled these bottles and provided me with water throughout the evening.

We closed the evening with a music performance. Two horns filled the room with a demented fanfare. I rose from my throne, and the ladies lined up in front of me. One of the ladies then proceeded to release the piss from each bottle into the buckets by yanking on dangling pieces of red string attached to each nozzle. The ladies sang along to the collective sound of piss hitting tin. A call-and-response performance piece that culminated in a cacophonous orgy of horns, voices and stray dripping.

Photos by Jason Savvy:

"Untitled" collaborators:

Alissa Kueker
Arianna Joelle
Daddy Harmon
Demonika Darkly
Dick Whitman
Lenora Claire
Leora Saul
Bryan Diaz
Michael Anthony Ibarra