Saturday, August 22, 2009

XVI. Chewin' Garganch

I traveled up to San Francisco last week for a performance at Homo A Gogo. Some of the kids played with me (Leah, Corwin, Savvy, Aerie and Frank), and Josie sold some of the Black Pig prints and BOLKA CDs out at the merch table. Lovely peeps, lovely time. Hung out with Miguel as well. Miguel Arias: bearded, with powers. Check out his art here.

On the drive back, the kids were rowdy and full of iPod thirst, while the missus and I kept chill in the front. About 2 hours out of SF, some of us needed to pee, so we stopped at a rest area. I felt shitsy that we didn't get to film some outdoor performances while in SF (bad planning, good weed), so we made the most out of this pee stop, and my low camera battery.

Damn thing kept shutting off! I sneaked into the maintenance area and charged the battery in there for about 10 minutes (FYI, there are no public power outlets ANYWHERE in a rest area...or at least not at this one). It allowed for the capturing of two beautiful performances by two beautiful friends.

Red Maids is the prize child of Michael Corwin:

princessFrank, he of Masterslave and Killsonic glories: