Friday, May 22, 2009

XII. In No Particular Order

1. My computer is dead. I'm at the mercy of the machines that belong to my friends. For now.

2. The UK was a dangerously good time. I need to keep going back there.

3. Black Pig Suite entered the final mixing stages yesterday. It's totally sex. I hope it will be good for you, too.

4. Black Pig Suite EP Release Party will occur in Los Angeles in July. Information will arrive soon.

5. Working on shitloads of art. I need blood.

6. I've met someone who rattles the black pig's cage. God love him. I know I do!

7. San Francisco in August. New York in September. Paris in November. Information will arrive soon.

8. Killsonic is keeping me busy, too. New piece for Killsonic very, very soon.

9. I just picked my nose. Instead of putting my booger on Leah's comforter, I put it on my shirt.

10. Rattle Rattle is breathing mighty, yet calm.

11. The salvia experiment I did last year (2 years ago?) will be unleashed soon. Drugs. Drugs. DRUGS.



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