Monday, July 5, 2010

XXVII. Bloody Wood

How can this world? I fear it can.

In the interim: an opera.

Killsonic, the 30+ piece orchestral fingerbang, has been commissioned by the Roy and Edna Disney/Cal Arts Theater (REDCAT) to present an excerpt from our epic long in the making, Tongues Bloody Tongues. The Moobiest of Moobaus, Joseph Tepperman, has penned this bizarre encounter between history and post-history, love and post-love, Iraq and post-Babylon.

In addition to wailing several words in the opera (I portray Kinahan Cornwallis, colleague and once-love of Gertrude Bell), I am also the art director. It is a loving labor. I have a crew of genius friends helping me: Eddika Organista, Rafael Esparza and Jason Savvy. As we enter our second week of production, I feel immense delight and gargantuan stress. I am perusing through various internet pages dealing with stress management, right as I type this. Upward, and free of anchoring worry!

Here is a wee peek at what we've done: a 30-foot wall...

Photo: Jason Savvy

Tongues Bloody Tongues will run for a limited engagement this month: July 22-24. For all manner of gooey information, including for the purchasing of tickets, please visit the official Tongues Bloody Tongues website.

Coming up:

A new performance installation at Perform! Now! in Chinatown; and




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