Wednesday, July 8, 2009

XIV. His Royal Highness, The Black Pig

I am an excited little ham.

A few months ago, 16 of my friends and I gathered in a studio to record Black Pig Suite: an elegant nightmare in 4 parts. On July 18, the big black thing enters the world, buck-naked and ready for blood. I'm very happy with this Black Pig.

Note: I composed a piece for Killsonic entitled "Black Pig". Two different pigs, both with the same hunger. For blood, again.

The purpose of recording Black Pig Suite: MONEY. Oh dear, how awful. No, really. Money. You see...the four songs that comprise the Suite are children of a large, as-yet unborn mother known as Rattle Rattle. I've been working on the Rattle Rattle songs for a hair over a year now. They total 22 (so far), and they are an angry bunch begging to be coddled by all manner of brass, bellows and instruments of electric persuasion. Massive wrath, with a quiet stare. The lifting of an eyebrow curved over the blindness of the fist. I am blessed to have with me an army of the most gifted musicians in the world (in the WORLD), and God love them for contributing their precious time and energy to Black Pig Suite. God, they're great. And they deserve to be paid.

The economy, the economy, the economy...yes, we're all struggling to stay afloat (some more than others). Is it insane for me to want to lock up 20 musicians in a house for a week and crank out the sweetest, loudest, strangest music this side of Heaven? Perhaps. Is it insane for me to want to make sure they are rightfully compensated? Fuck no. I'm not asking for P. Diddy's riches. I just want my peeps to be able to handle their business after doing what they love.

This is true indie, my friends. I'm reaching out to good, passionate people out there who would be capable of investing in a labor of love. No illicit means. Seriously. My heart and balls out on the table. I guarantee a decent return, and best of all, a work of brutal honesty and epic bliss. And many, many, many shows. :-)

You can preview Black Pig Suite on my MySpace or Facebook. My friends and I are very proud of it. When the Pig arrives next week, we hope you love it as much as we do.



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