Monday, September 28, 2009

XVIII. Pig Noises

As I rest seductively on this couch, half-watching "Pecker", I feel compelled to update you on some things happening this weekend:

Friday, October 2 marks the second outing of "Black Pig Suite". I'll be performing it along with many of my friends wielding several shiny instruments. This is a fund-raising event, to help yours and his musician friends get to France and the UK in November (more details on this tour soon, my lovelies overseas). Gallery 2023 is where it lands, belly first, chubby hooves tickling you where you're raw from crying. Beautiful Tommy Mose Abbott will host us. Be there also for Tommy Santee Klaws, Red Maids and, fresh off the NYC/Nashville turf, El-Haru Kuroi.

Gallery 2023 is located at 2023 S. Santa Fe, between 15th and Washington, in Downtown L.A. 5 bucks will get you in, and it all begins at 9pm.

"Pecker" credits are rolling...

Saturday, October 3 is SoundWalk in Long Beach. An invasion of sound installations so broad in themes and formats that you would be a silly egg not to check it out for yourself. I am thrilled and honored to be presenting a piece created in collaboration with my good fdend, Joseph Tepperman, he who holds the key to all blessed creations Moobautastic. As I am immediately inclined to reveal the details of our piece, I can only say that it involves one very large breast. Yeeeeyaaah!

It all begins at 5pm, and goes on till 10pm. And it's free! Please visit the SoundWalk website for a map of the event.

"Pecker" DVD menu is judging me from a few feet away...

Sunday, October 4, I'll be joining the Killsonic Women's Choir and Amplified Percussion Ensemble at the Machine Project. Beautiful singing ladies, objects of mass distortion and two contra-basses. Dancing shoes...come off! We debuted this project back in February. This will mark our second performance. The new incarnation is certainly larger and weirder, so I suggest body additives, for her pleasure.

We go on at 8pm SHARP. I do not know if you have to pay to see this, but I don't think you would have to pay much. Machine Project is located at 1200D North Alvarado, in Echo Park.

Come say howdy this weekend! I will most likely be drenched in my own body juice(s), but what's a little wet hug among friends, eh?

Thanks for reading/listening.



P.S.: Oh, and also, I've written all the songs for Rattle Rattle, the official follow-up to BOLKA. Yes. All of them written. All of them witches. Now comes the arranging...

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