Friday, February 6, 2009

III. Love Made Burroughs An Ikea Junkie


According to a beautiful friend/soul warmer, Burroughs found mega-love in his final years alive. Powerful creature, take to the night sky; a flock of heart-shaped cherubim! Truly, if Burroughs can find love and solace in weekend garage sales, walks on the beach and fighting over the remote, well...

We had a totes dinner at Palermo last night. Chicken ravioli for the MEGA win. He looked like a dream, eating his chicken piccatta. On a separate occasion, he had reminded me of what my "job" is on this earth.

I tend to really dig (the things) my friend (says to me).

This weekend...a piece for accordions, saw and vocal (to be in Rattle Rattle, as well). A banda piece with Eddika and the Killsonic Women's Choir and Amplified Percussion Ensemble. Film festival screening of "The Mutual" with Frost. Grand Guignol with Richard and Jimmy. Crying time. Lots of it.

I wish my old friends would stop picking on me already. Thanks, Fiendish.



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