Sunday, February 15, 2009

IV. La Barba De Ovejas

Photo by Emmanuel Briseño

Tonight , I debut a couple of pieces ("Americana" and "5/11 Soft Chambers") at the very first Killsonic Presents monthly series. Both songs were written for accordions, vocal and musical saw, and they will (somehow) end up on Rattle Rattle. I will also be bangin' with the Holy Spirit in the grand debut of the Killsonic Women's Choir And Amplified Percussion Ensemble. Pretty stoked, in a totes way.

I found out last week that I am touring the South in September. UK, Paris and Berlin before then...but the South? THE FUCKIN' SOUTH! Apparently, this will be at the tail end of the second Killsonic invasion of NYC. Those who still have the Holy Spirit dancing fancies within us will recreate Sherman's march through Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana and other lands flooded by truth and molasses. I'm looking forward to passing out in some sort of barn.

Yesterday was VD. Jesse came over and we hung out for 5 hours, sketching, smoking, squirming. I did a no-no and played him the rough mix of the as-yet-unreleased Killsonic II album. Cranked it, smoked, sketched, squirmed. Well, Jesse squirmed. Should one listen to Killsonic in such a state? Only if you absolutely need to know what it's like to stick your __________ in a bear-trap. Mingus resurrects as a hydra that shits bricks all over the Himalayas. Spark it up!

Hope you had an emotionally-nurturing Valentine's Day, free of candy and shit.



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