Saturday, February 28, 2009

VI. Fara-onu

I sang "Pale Blue Eyes" last night. It's a delicate torture device of a song. I'm afraid of letting go of the words as the song moves along. And I don't recall ever loving anyone with blue eyes.

To lay with those married to others?

Linger on.

On March 28, we record the "Black Pig Suite". Four songs from Rattle Rattle, with as many musicians as necessary to make this mountain peak to the moon. This will help with securing a strong future for Rattle Rattle. Two more L.A. shows before then. NYC shows in April. UK in May? This week, I will know for sure.

In a couple of hours, Killsonic invades the East Hollywood ArtCycle. At the rate the dryer is going, something tells me I'm gonna be in soggy black tonight.



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